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Private Profile

You decide what to share in your Private or Public profile and choose who to share it with by Unlocking


Stay connected with friends and supportive members by adding them to your Buddies


Message or send media to buddies one-on-one or in group conversations

 Find Friends

Invite friends from your mobile contacts or search for members in MOBER if they wish to be discovered

   Browse Locals

Connect with sober people around you -anytime, anyplace- and find common interests, backgrounds, or mutual buddies at a glance

    Mini-   Shares

Browse, share, upload or give feedback on recovery-related video clips by and for our community

Sober Support

Notify others of your need for support or your willingness to give support at the touch of a button


Members can endorse each other for positive virtues - feeling validated and affirming connections.

“I’m an addiction survivor and now living my fullest life.
I want to share my experience with others”

-Anonymous MOBER Member
“MOBER helps me stay connected to my recovery anytime,

-Ethan Hall, MOBER Member


Welcome To MOBER

The MOBER Fellowship App provides on-demand access for members of the sober community to connect with each other anytime, anyplace.  Designed primarily as a supplement to any social model recovery program, MOBER makes it easier to:  

-build your sober social support network 
-break the ice with new potential “trudging buddies” 
-affirm and deepen existing relationships 
-share personal adventures in sobriety
-be of service 
-reach out when you need support 
-develop recovery capital to stay sober long-term   

Anonymity Concerns  
Members can remain as anonymous as they wish with the information they input into their profiles.  Furthermore, each profile has a public and private setting - giving our members more control over who can view personal information.   

In addition to the mobile social network, MOBER provides a library of video and audio content.  These “mini-shares”  are generated by our community and offer members’ personal commentary on topics related to recovery.   With this on-demand, short format, MOBER members can consume, share, and create bite-size servings of sober support and recovery content. MOBER welcomes all feedback from our community to help us improve our products and services. Please email us at contact@moberapp.com.

 MOBER does not require you to disclose your real name on the platform.  Your unique Screen Name is your default public name on MOBER.  To register an account, create a unique Screen Name and input your email and phone number.  If you feel comfortable adding more details to your profile, you can in Edit Profile.  With each input, you can decide how to disclose this information to the network as Public or Private in Settings>Edit Privacy.   Whatever you select Private will only be viewable by your Buddies.  We encourage you to try out the various settings that suits your lifestyle. 

Please do not leave your common sense at the door when meeting strangers on MOBER.  Take all precautions necessary to ensure your safety as in any public setting.  Do not disclose too much information, like address, place of work, etc.,  before vetting another person to your satisfaction.  If you decide to meet this person face-to-face,  arrange for a meeting in a public place and tell your friends about your plans.  If you feel uncomfortable, threatened or worse, take the necessary precautions and alert the appropriate authorities.   Also, please report this person to MOBER via the Report function in the app. 

Cosigns are endorsements for character virtues made by Buddies to other Buddies.  The action of Cosigning is only available between people who know each other and are Buddies.  In the Action Button Menu, Press ‘C” to launch the Virtues list and select.  When you Cosign a Buddy,  that Buddy gets a notification that you endorsed them for that particular virtue.  If that Buddy elected to allow Cosigns as Public, then your Cosign for that person would be public knowledge.  We think it’s a great way to give your Buddies a pat on the back and, for others who don’t know them, to see they are vouched for. 

Push Notifications
alert you when certain actions are taken in MOBER and your app is closed.   The default setting has all actions activated.  In Settings, you can specify which types of actions you wish to be Push Notified about by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes.  All notifications will reside in the notifications list in the app regardless of setting.  Customize all push notifications to the level that suits you.



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